For more than 90 years, individuals, institutions, and corporations have trusted the Manhattan investment management firm of Ingalls & Snyder to manage and grow their assets.

For more than 90 years, individuals, institutions, and corporations have trusted the Manhattan investment management firm of Ingalls & Snyder to manage and grow their assets.

The 6th Avenue Team Investment Philosophy

Today, the firm’s 6th Avenue Team has taken those services to the next level with a holistic, tax efficient, multi-generational approach that provides a clear path to your long-term financial goals.

Our investment philosophy seeks to:

Mitigate Risk

Optimize Upside

Adam Janovic and Tom DiTosto, founders of the 6th Avenue Team, believe there is only one way to invest successfully: Invest your wealth in a way that directly moves you toward your long-term goals. After gaining a complete understanding of your financial picture we deploy a wide variety of investment tools to create the appropriate portfolio for you. Again, no one can claim to make the right investments for you if they don’t know what your current financial picture is and what it is you are hoping to achieve.

The 6th Avenue Team’s Mission Defines Who We Are

Our mission statement defines an objective model that we follow for all of our services:

•  We have a holistic view of investment planning that extends over the long term.

•  We eliminate emotional influences from investment decisions to remove the possibility of chasing an ephemeral fad and of buying or selling assets at the wrong time, such as during times of frenzied volatility.

•  Our investment strategies are built upon a firm foundation of diversification and disciplined rebalancing to maintain the optimum mix of investment products while seeking to manage risk.

•  We make our services available to individual, institutional, and foundation clients.

The 6th Avenue Team Investment Plan - What We Do

We structure investment plans in accordance with a two-silo approach that we refer to as “CORE” and “TACTICAL” holdings.

Core holdings typically represent the larger portion of an investment portfolio and are designed to outperform broad market indexes. We include a range of industry sectors in the core holdings to achieve a high level of diversification and to insulate the portfolio from downturns caused by events that might affect only one or two sectors. The 6th Avenue Team uses Exchange Traded Funds, or “ETFs”, as a critical building block of your “Core” portfolio.

Tactical holdings focus on opportunistic investments that we identify in different markets. Those holdings might include, for example, equities, high-yield debt instruments, and other more focused investment vehicles. Such holdings ‘add Alpha’ to a portfolio and give our investment clients a chance to increase their wealth through more targeted investments and cashflow vehicles including:

•  Single stocks

•  Corporate and municipal bonds

•  High yield bonds

•  Other “best of breed” ideas

An Individual Plan for You

As we develop and build your holdings, you will receive total disclosure and transparency. At all times, you will understand what you own, why you own it, and what every product is intended to do for you. You will never be surprised by hidden fees or back office charges, and you will always know that our team, rather than a computer program, is managing your financial health and well-being.

The 6th Avenue Team’s Process - How We Do It

When you become a 6th Avenue Team client, we will schedule a series of meetings to help us gain a deeper understanding of your investment goals.

•  We start with an intake meeting, which gives us a comprehensive understanding of your short- and long-term financial goals, as well as your values, relationships, and priorities, and your expected level of involvement in your investment decisions.

•  When we are confident that we understand your goals, we will schedule an “echo meeting” in which we explain our understanding of your financial management needs and desires.

•  We propose an individualized solution and investment plan that we will review thoroughly and confirm your understanding before securing our agreement.

No investment advisor will be able to create an optimal portfolio or recommend an appropriate strategy for you until they understand your objectives, risk tolerances, financial needs, and your current financial picture. This series of meetings will get to the heart of those matters and will give both us and you a clear picture of how we can help you reach your financial goals.

The 6th Avenue Team Difference

The 6th Avenue Team continues to stand out in the crowded investment advisor landscape.

From the inception of Ingalls & Snyder in 1924 to the creation of the 6th Avenue Team, our clients have always relied on our impeccable reputation. We are a team of established, trusted, and professional financial advisors that continuously strive to provide the highest-quality and most competent investment advice in an ever-changing investment environment.

We combine the same advanced research technology used by the largest investment institutions with the personal feel of a boutique, client-focused asset management firm.

The 6th Avenue Team maintains its headquarters at the New York offices of Ingalls & Snyder, in midtown Manhattan, and we offer our services to investors throughout the United States. Please see our website or call our offices at your earliest opportunity to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation meeting with one of our advisors today.


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