The 6th Avenue Team is firmly committed to the unique goals and risk tolerances of each of our clients and devotes time to ensure that those goals and tolerances are included in portfolio construction. By regularly monitoring portfolio holdings, we make sure that our portfolios remain consistent with strategies to help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

The 6th Avenue Team’s 4-Phase Client Service

The 6th Avenue Team accomplishes our goals by adhering to our mission and philosophy that long-term wealth creation requires attention, patience, and prudence in the face of market volatility. We apply this philosophy through a series of meetings that occur within a 4-phase process.

  1. We start with a detailed client intake meeting, in which we confer with a client one-on-one to gain a thorough understanding of the client’s long-term financial goals. This initial intake meeting also gives our advisors the critical insights into a client’s values, relationships, and priorities, and whether the client’s prior investment experiences have served those priorities
  2. When we are confident that we understand a client’s goals, we conduct an echo meeting, in which we explain back to you our perception of those goals and fine-tune that perception to verify that it is fully consistent with our client’s objectives.
  3. We next propose our investment recommendations and present an individualized investment plan. That plan generally divides our recommendations into core holdings that are designed to outperform broader market indexes, and tactical holdings that provide an opportunity to build wealth through specific Alpha generating ideas.
  4. Following implementation of an agreed-upon plan, we engage in regular feedback to verify that our strategies remain consistent with the client’s wealth management goals.

At every point in this process, a client’s account receives personal and individual attention from investment advisors that treat all client funds the same way they treat their own wealth – with care, wisdom, and prudence, and always with an eye toward long-term maintenance and creation of the client’s wealth.

The 6th Avenue Team Difference

The 6th Avenue Team gives each one of its clients the best opportunities to mitigate risk and to optimize asset growth with custom investment portfolios that reflect the client’s unique circumstances. Our recommendations actively move each of our clients toward their long-term financial goals. At all times, you will receive total disclosure and transparency. Our 4-phase intake process confirms that you will have a complete understanding of the assets that you own as well as the reasons why you own them. You will never see a hidden fee, and you will always work with an individual who manages your personal wealth.

Our headquarters are in midtown Manhattan. New York is our home base, but our services are available to individual and institutional investors and foundations throughout the United States. For more information on how we provide our services, please see our website or call our offices to schedule a consultation with one of our advisors today.



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    The 6th Avenue Team Investment Philosophy is built upon a holistic, tax efficient approach to achieving your long-term financial goals.

    The 6th Avenue Team Investment Philosophy is built upon a holistic, tax efficient approach to achieving your long-term financial goals.


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